The ULTIMATE Breakfast Bowl


Breakfast is my ALL time favorite meal of the day. It 100% gets me started to conquer whatever lies ahead of my day- that being said, it`s a big deal. I have to eat something that follows this criteria gives me energy until lunch time, is delicious, makes me feel good and is beneficially healthy to my body, mind and soul.

I can hear people now telling me to “chill it’s just breakfast.” Well not to this gal 🙂

This Ultimate Breakfast Bowl is my go to breakfast almost every single day. It provides a hefty serving of fruit, energy and good fats from the nuts as well which keep you satiated. I promise it`s just as tasty and filling as you need. Side Note- it is slightly (just slightly) more time-consuming depending on your fruit combo due to the peeling or chopping involved.

Combination 1


The main fruit I like to have for breakfast almost always includes banana and blueberries. Blueberries provide a good dose of fiber which many people do not get enough of while bananas are full of amazing carbs- giving you a natural energy boost. Another one of my favorite breakfast fruit not mentioned is grapefruit! Grapefruit is such an amazing thing to eat in the morning, not only does the sweet-tart combo wake you up, but it is also easily digestible, making it a great way to boost your metabolism first thing in the morning.

Remember you can use as many fruit as you want, just because I say “one” does not mean you have to limit! Choose how much you want and what you want, these are just suggestions for some amazing flavor combos! That being said- Below is my recipe for The Ultimate Breakfast Bowl! Enjoy 🙂



  • One Banana
  • One Apple
  • One Kiwi
  • Solid spoonful (or two!) of *roasted mixed nuts

*I prefer this combo with lightly salted almonds, pecans and cashews

Just slice the banana, apple and kiwi, peeled or not, throw in a bowl and top with the nuts.

Combination 2



  • One Banana
  • Whopping cup of blueberries
  • Unsweetened coconut shreds
  • Raw almond butter (This is my current fav)
  • unsalted raw Cashews

Put all the sliced fruit in a bowl, add the coconut on top and a major spoonful of raw almond butter on the side! (This one is super good with grapefruit as well)

SIDE NOTE: CINNAMON is always welcome with fruit in the morning and I always sprinkle it over top. Cinnamon is great for stabilizing blood sugar levels- another benefit!

Wrapping this up, I did not list any macros or calorie content because you should be focusing on what makes you feel good and calorie intake has nothing to do with that! Consuming whole, natural foods will always be beneficial to your body and that`s all that matters, so eat up and enjoy.

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