Calling all vegan/ dairy free Starbucks lovers: This is all about how you can turn your all- time favorite drinks into vegan and dairy free versions! It`s surprisingly super simple and you can almost have just about everything made to fit your needs. Just swap a few things and you will be good to go!


  • Replace regular milk with Coconut, Soy or Almond milk. I only use their almond milk because their soy and coconut contains carrageenan, which is a thickening agent derived from seaweed. It`s a leading cause of digestive problems and I personally do not react well to it at all.
  • Avoid Chai! The chai lattes contain honey
  • Avoid Pumpkin spice latte- the syrup contains condensed milk
  • Avoid Caramel sauce (syrup is fine though!)
  • Avoid White mocha sauce
  • Hold the Whip
  • If ordering a Smoothie- make sure there is no whey based protein powders added.

The syrups and regular mocha sauce are OKAY! You can always add a pump of caramel syrup to still get that strong caramel flavor. The Evolution cold pressed juices and teas with no honey added are safe as well. (Grande Mint Majesty is the most amazing tea!)


  • Hippeas: these are chickpea based snacks, think healthy vegan Cheetos. Starbucks carries two flavors Vegan White Cheddar and Far out Fajita. They are SO good! (I just wish they came with more in the package)
  • Fresh fruit as well as dried fruit packs: Starbucks always sells bananas as well, even if they are not on the counter.
  • Mixed nuts, Almonds and Cashew packets
  • Potato chips
  • Classic Oatmeal
  • Most Bagels. Some seasonal options can vary
  • “Thats It” bars: These are minimal ingredient bars that are sweet and super flavorful!
  • 8 Grain Roll with raisins


For the holiday drinks all you have to do is switch the milk, hold the whip and take out caramel sauce! I LOVE the Chestnut Praline Latte and Peppermint Mocha!

See? Easy, simple and still delicious!

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