Okay, we all know green juice has a bad rep for tasting like stale grass. But this stuff is so good for you. Seriously! If you can make a green juice taste great, (which is what I have done) everyone can get on board with the hydrating and wonderful benefits! 🙂 There is a lot of variations of green juice out there and I myself am still playing around with combinations but this specific recipe I find tastes great AND has a ton of wonderful properties in it! Plus it doesn`t cost $100 and your soul like most green juices. I am totally kidding- but seriously why are they so expensive.

I recently wrote a post on 5 REASONS YOU`RE BLOATING AND HOW TO HELP. In this I talk about some things you can do to help de-bloat and this green juice recipe is just another way that will help detoxify your body while also giving your metabolism a good push. It is great for if you are feeling bloated, sluggish and just need a nice refresh or restart! It actually tastes so good, the citrus flavors make this so refreshing and gives you a burst of energy too!

A little run down of the ingredients…

Celery + Cucumber: These are excellent sources for hydration and vitamins K, A, B, and C!

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is naturally a fat burner as well as metabolism booster. It also aids in cleansing the liver and contains a hefty amount of Vitamin C!

Spirulina: THIS is the star of this recipe. This is an amazing superfood that should definitely be added to your diet- juice or not. Spirulina is a heavy metal detoxer, eliminates candida (the bad bacteria in your gut) and gives you a TON of nutrients. You should really look into this if you are into adding superfoods into your diet!

Lemon: Great for digestion aid

Coconut Water: This takes away the overly sour greenish flavor and makes this nice and smooth and sweet! Another great source for hydration.

So that is basically the WHY all of these ingredients help in detoxifying and boosting your metabolism! Now for the recipe!

Sunburst Superfoods



Juice the cucumber, celery, lemon, and grapefuit. I use a juicer for the cucumber and celery and then a hand juicer for the lemon and grapefruit. Then just add the can of coconut water and spirulina and give it a good shake!

This is a sweet, refreshing, cleansing and delicious juice! Let me know if any of you try it and your thoughts on it 🙂 I love drinking this first thing in the morning to get me and my digestive system going and I highly recommend trying this out!

xo, Chelsea

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