Hey guys! This blog is a little bit different- no recipes or baking, just some thoughts and some tips on how you can stay POSITIVE! It is positively possible. *wink

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I feel like positive energy is something you need and personally I thrive off of it. It keeps me sane, happy and allows me to deal with situations in a way that is useful, non stressful and allows me to have a greater outlook on life. This week we got a surprise visit from my uncle, he is such a positive person and has a great outlook on life, it is something I really admire and it just got me thinking about how wonderful my life is. Not in a bragging way, I, just like everyone else, have bad days and good days but I have consistently felt as though every day this year has been a good day for me. And yes, we are only one month into 2017, but I made it my absolute mission to only allow for positive energy and focus on love this year, and it is really paying off. Therefore I wanted to share what I have been doing in case you are stuck in a negative cycle or need some motivation. Everything you feel and do and come across, is all in your control, you just have to have the right mindset.

So here are a few of the things I do to ensure positivity into my everyday life and take time to appreciate myself and my life. 🙂


1. Find a Passion.

I have always been a foodie. I love everything about food, I want to know the ingredients, how it`s made, how it is or is not processed, how it makes me feel, the health benefits, etc. I wanted to utilize this passion for food and that is why I started blogging! Since I started blogging, I feel way more sense of purpose and while it is a small thing, I love doing it and getting the opportunity to share about something I love. Find what makes you happy and do it, do not hesitate.

2. Take Time.

Take time in your day, every single day, to reflect the things in your life that make you HAPPY. The more you can focus on what is bringing you joy, the more you will be surrounded by that joy! This doesn`t even take a minute, you could literally be making dinner! Be thankful you can make a dinner, even if it is cheap, not fancy and you have made it thousands of times. There is always something you have that others wish for, it could be as small as a pencil. For me, I like to reflect on my blessings everyday and the reflection of what I have amazes me and also humbles me. If you have a religion, utilize your thankfulness through that, if you do not have one, still be thankful! I promise reflecting and taking time to know and understand even in a bad situation that it can always be worse is the best way to bring you into a positive mindset.

3. Get Moving and Breathe.

I`m not saying exercise, just move your body. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to check the mail, take your dog for a walk or just go by yourself. Walking is actually an excellent way to clear your mind or think things through. I love to stretch at the end of my day before I head to bed. I just pull out my yoga mat, put ocean sounds on and stretch out my body. It makes me calm and I definitely feel like I sleep better the nights I take time to stretch. During a walk or a stretch, take deep breaths. Deep breathing is actually a way to alkalize your body which brings your body to a balanced state. Movement and breathing are more important than people make them out to be!

4. Eat for Health.

Obviously I had to throw this in there! Eating for your health is so important. This has nothing to do with having abs or really toned legs. This has to do with allowing your insides to properly function, give you natural energy and allow you to live fully and comfortably. Eating bad foods has more effect on you than you know, increased stress levels (chronic stress is incredibly bad for your body), skin problems, fatigue, and a series of things can occur later down the road as you age. You do not have to eat bland gross things, there is a ton of amazing healthful foods out there that will provide your body what it truly needs in order to be its best, functioning self.

5. Love Yourself.

Last but certainly not least, love yourself. Simple as that. Although this is way easier said than done, start small and allow the self love to build up. Pick out your favorite physical features and personality traits. Focus on them, appreciate them and love them!! The more love you put into them, the more you will start to love the things you didn`t love as much. Being a 20 year old girl, I struggle with this but I also work on it. And it is work! Focus on the good, not the bad. When you are feeling down after a huge meal or seeing the body you want on Instagram, just remember you will never be anyone but YOU and you have to ACCEPT, LOVE and NURTURE what you have, NOT compare. You are you, that is final, you cannot change it so just love what YOU have!

Okay my spiel is over. These are my tips to those who struggle with feeling negative and down. Being positive can be hard but you can always pull yourself out of it, you just have to have the will to do so. I have followed these tips since 2017 started and I have had an amazing day, every single day.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” -Dr Seuss

xo, Chelsea


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