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Helllloooo lovelies! Today I am bringing you a little recipe for a drink that I have recently been having first thing in the morning! There`s two versions depending on taste and your personal needs but rest assured they are both delicious, a great way to wake you up and have amazing health properties!

Let me break down the two ingredients that are easily inter changeable and WHY they are so beneficial and then the main ingredient that really helps as an anti inflammatory.

Turmeric – This is a spice that is the major anti inflammatory in this drink and also has high antioxidants in it! Ever since I started drinking this I saw an immediate improvement in my skin.

Cayenne – Cayenne pepper is a great metabolism booster and is great for a detoxing your insides!

Cinnamon – Cinnamon is wonderful ingredient for lowering your blood sugar levels and also has anti inflammatory properties!

So the recipe is the same you just get to choose cinnamon or cayenne depending on your own personal needs! I love drinking this when I am feeling sluggish from late night eating or maybe just not making the best food choices, and especially when my skin needs a boost! Again, the flavor is by preference, so you can decide how much of the ingredients you want to use or don`t want to use! I hope you all enjoy this anti inflammatory drink and reap these amazing health benefits.

xo, Chelsea



  • Turmeric
  • Honey
  • Lemon Juice from one lemon
  • 1 Liter Water
  • Cinnamon OR Cayenne


I use a 1 L mason jar, fill up half way with boiling water and the other half with room temp water. Add the spices, lemon juice and honey for sweetness until your desired taste. I usually do about 1 tsp turmeric, two good dashes of cayenne and about one spoonful of honey!


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