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HELLO everyone! I am so sorry for not posting last week, but I had mid terms and alllll that jazz going on and needed to focus and then de stress over the weekend! Which I totally did, thank you retail therapy and green tea. (And chai tea of course, my at home recipe is my fav right now- ICED VANILLA CHAI LATTE (90 CALS + VEGAN!) )


Anyways, I have been focusing on incorporating more protein into my diet recently to help keep my munchies at bay by keeping me full for longer. Plus being a veg head I tend to gravitate away from protein rich foods- unless it`s spinach or almonds, I can go hard on both honestly. *Side note- The other day I told my mom I could not wait to make this kale salad concoction thing and needless to say my mom thinks it is so weird I get so pumped for foods notorious for hate like spinach, but “a girl wants what a girl wants when she wants it.” -Jackie Burkhart 

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ANYWAYS to the recipe alreadyyyy! This is ultimately so delicious and actually doesn`t involve any coffee like a typical frappuccino. It does however give you  bomb chocolate flavor that is packed with plant based protein. You definitely need a blender that is strong and good for blending ice to give you the consistency of a frappe. Like a blender that really knows its purpose ya feel, the purpose to blend ROCKS if I ask for it. BOSS BLENDING. I have mentioned before I use this one Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ (BL642) and I love it!

This is a great morning drink, pre OR post work out drink, AND I am going to put a side recipe to make it taste more like a Wendys frosty if you want more of a treat! Hope everyone enjoys the recipe and like this if you want more protein recipes! Before I go, I am going to be starting a “College Series” of recipes, tips, workouts and more all on maintaining a healthy lifestyle while in college and have a ton of fun posts coming up that I seriously cannot wait to share! So everyone stay tuned for my “College Series” of blog posts!!

xo, Chelsea



*FOR A FROSTY TASTE-If you want to make this more of a sweet treat than a protein drink, add in 2-3 spoonfuls of Cream of Coconut and less ice. It makes it so amazingly sweet and smooth.


Place all ingredients into your blender, adding the ice until you get that frappe consistency, I like it thick so I add more ice but it is totally up to you. Pour and ENJOY! (If you are wondering about that bomb a** drizzle in the glass, I lined it with blackstrap molasses- Wholesomes Sweetners – Organic Molasses, 16 oz liquid for a nice lil twist!)
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