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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: Clean Eating!

Happy First Day of Spring loves!! The weather is amazing, I slept good last night and today I am taking on clean eating and getting my body back on track after the multiple accounts of snackccidents over spring break. What better way to share how I am getting back on track than to blog about it? So here we go with pics included (mostly) of what I ate in a day!

7:30 AM-

Warm lemon water to start my day! Still full from the night before and have volunteer work at 9 am soooo skipping the food for now. Also sorry I didn`t get a pic of this- I was sleepyy. Lemon water is a great way to kick start digestion!

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10:30 AM-

Hmmmm bonus points at Starbucks- I have to go. Of course I am staying away from the sugary/ high calorie dense drinks so Grande Iced Americano it is. It was so yum and usually if I skip the coffee, I go for a Mint Majesty tea!


10:45 AM-

Breakfast time, yessss my fav. Bowl of oatmeal: 1/2 dry Oats, 1 tsp Maca Powder, sprinkle of chopped Pecans and 1 tbs of Peanut Butter. *Maca is good for balancing hormones and I have been looking for ways to incorporate it into my diet!


1:45 PM-

After running errands, going back and forth I am starving. I got these little veggie balls from the vegan section of Walmart called Kale Quinoa Bites and they recently have been my go to lunch because they are filling, easy and healthy! SO Lettuce Wraps with Veg balls for lunch!



I munched on 2 apple cinnamon rice cakes and a giant banana!


6:30 PM AKA Din Din

SALAD. What did you expect I have loved veggies since I was a baby and salads make me happy. Spinach, romaine, yellow + orange bell pepper, pepitas, a tiny spoonfull of avo and the juice of half a lemon! I also added a whopping side of steamed brussel sprouts– yum.


7:45 PM

I am trying to avoid sweets right now just because I have had the worst craving for processed sugar and I definitely do not need the inflammation that comes with it. Trick-The less you eat of something the less you crave it! So instead of chocolate I opted for some sweetened granola and a date! Dates taste like caramel to me and I love them. I ate this lil sweet treat with some Mint Tea, which is great for digestion!

So there you have it everyone! A simple and healthy idea of what I eat in a day when trying to get back on track with good eating habits. Now of course, coffee and granola might not be the cleanest, healthiest thing but you have to enjoy food too, life is too short! Let me know if you enjoy seeing a glimpse into what I eat to maintain my goals by liking this post ๐Ÿ™‚

xo, Chelsea



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