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COLLEGE SERIES: Getting Motivated.

YES! This is the beginning of my little “college series” here on the blog! I have wanted to do this for so long and now is the perfect time to whip yourself into shape and get motivated for summmmerrrr! So to kick start this series I am bringing yall some fun tips to help you get motivated to be your best, healthy self.




There is SO much fitness and healthy inspo out in this world, you gotta utilize it! These are my go to ways and platforms to find new recipes, new(and Easy!!) work outs, inspo for cheap & easy meals and even weird concoctions when I have 3 ingredients to make a meal.

Yummy Bazaar - Curated World Gourmet at Great Value

  • Youtube: There is a ton of wonderful youtubers who share their go-to work outs, healthy recipes and are so encouraging. I know you all watch makeup and beauty videos, so might as well check these people out too! My favorite people who are genuinely very helpful are: Brittany Dawn Fitness, Sarahs Day, Natacha Oceane, Becca Bristow 
  • Pinterest: Pinterest. Has. Everything. From quick 5 minute abs to full blast body work outs, as well as a HUGE range of healthy recipes. Whatever you are looking for, just type in and you will not be disappointed.
  • Download Apps: You`re already on your phone so much during the day might as well get an app that will help you be your best self! A lot of fitness apps also have reminders set up to send you through out the day which is more effective than you think. They also have ones to track your calories if you need that! Try: 8fit (for work outs) and MyFitnessPal (for calorie counting), these also offer a health community where you can talk with others on workouts, struggles and motivtional things!


Girl you of course you won`t feel motivated listening to slow music! Blast some Passion Pit or whatever makes you want to dance first thing in the morning and then throughout your day. Not only does bumpin music make you want to dance, aka workout incentive, it also makes you feel like you can do anything which results in = productive day!


Lean on each other, get each other moving, do workouts together, challenge each other and keep each other on track! Friends are the easiest way to help you get where you need to be with endless love and support and if your friends don`t do that, get RID of that negative energy and get you some REAL friends! For example, my best friend Lauren and I will say “hey I am going for a run today, who can run longer/farther?” Or we will do an at home work out together and grab a coffee after! This is just plain fun, especially with the people you love!


Break away from whatever assignment you are working on for a few minutes and re fuel your brain with different information! If you are interested in your health and what you should or shouldn`t eat, jump on valid sites and look into what you want to know. I am all for Youtube and Pinterest but you can only learn from what others have learned themselves. Take what you learn from that and research more, more and more. Learn what works for you, find out your body type, what areas you want to improve, even look into what muscle groups you want to work on. LEARN.


Lastly, FEEL YOSELF. Look good, feel good, do good. Look cute when you work out, take time to wear your favorite leggings and I promise you will feel so much better about yourself and what you are doing.

So these are my top tips to getting yourself movin and groovin. I have recipes coming your way and also got a lot of love on my WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: Clean Eating! so I will be posting more of these with variations, such as what I eat on a busy day, or when eating out. Thank you guys for the support and stay tuned for more college series posts 🙂

xo, Chelsea


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