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Hey lovelies! This is a sweet and simple post on the “staple” foods that I have found to save me at so many times, are usually easy to make, go with everything and are decently cheap for the quantity. In college we have goals. easy and cheap. LOL but seriously! These foods are great to have on hand for numerous reasons- LETS GO!


1. Oats

Okay this almost doesn`t need an explanation. Healthy, full of fiber, an age old food that you can *almost* make anything from cookies, cakes, overnight oats, smoothies, even savory dishes. Grind it up and you have flour in a pinch. OATS ARE THE WAY. They are only $2.48 at Walmart for 42 ounces. 

*Tip- Overnight oats are especially perf if you have an early morning class and need an on the go breakfast!

2. Rice

Rice has a bad rep for empty cals but if you need some quick carbs to go with your protein or have nothing left in your pantry- add spices or left over veggies and you have a meal! Seriously you can add tomatoes and beans wrap it in a tortilla and boom a burrito is made, GET CREATIVE.

3. Canned Tomato

Okay this sounds weird but honestly I always have one on hand because just like rice, you can add this to anything to spice up the flavor. You can make a home made pasta sauce, add it to rice, marinate chicken or veggies, make a quick salsa or even a three ingredient tomato soup. This comes throughhhh when you are struggling.

4. Canned Beans (uh duh)

Okay well maybe not “duh” for those people who aren`t veg heads, but if you eat plant based meals like me, it can be hard sometimes getting protein. Beans are a great source of protein and there are tons of different types, the cans are cheap and they keep you full with high amounts of fiber!

5. Quinoa

This seems pricey at first, but making one serving makes A TON. I feel like when I make one cup it lasts me over a WEEK. So yeah food that lasts longer and you only have to make it once? Easyyyyy! Plus this is a really good food to have in your diet, also full of fiber 😉 You can actually make a tons of things with this- even breakfast! Pinterest it UP.

6. Rice Paper Wraps

This is where you definitely get bang for your buck! My Walmart has them for $1.78 and they are so thin you get SO MANYYYY. Another wonderful thing is all you have to do is soak them in water for a few minutes then put whatever you want in them, wrap it and you are good to go. They seriously last forever because they come with so many. It is awesomeeee.

7. Rice Cakes

I sometimes feel like the only person who likes rice cakes but nonetheless, they have a good range of flavors, are low in calories, easily portable, and you can put whatever you want on them like pb and j! Or chocolate hazelnut spread and (dairy free for me) cream cheese. Go savory and add avocado! Snacking is where people tend to stray from being healthy, so keep these on hand when the munchies hit.

Some not so desperately needed foods but definitely notable:

  • Peanut/ Almond/ Nut butter– easy snacking, keeps you full from the fats
  • Frozen Veggies- Takes only a few minutes and keeps you on track
  • Trail mix- yum, adds some healthy fats
  • Popcorn- My personal fav. Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP Sea Salt Popcorn, 4.8 Ounce Bag This is my FAV. It tastes like movie theater popcorn and it is low cals!! Popcorn is the love of my life. (sorry Joshua..) jk.

(Wild Friends is my FAV brand of peanut butter right now!!)
So there you have it peeps! Tell me what your favorite go to staples are down below! I had a ton of views on my WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: Clean Eating! soooo like this if you want to see another “what I eat in a day” post up THIS WEEK! Thanks for all the love,

xo, Chelsea

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