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We have ALL been in that situation where we are going to order at SBucks and are torn between staying on a healthy diet or caving into a caramel frappe. But fear no more! It is actually so easy to customize a drink to make it stay within your health goals and still be indulgent! So below I have some basic TIPS for staying on track and then a few of my favorite healthy drinks! Hope you all enjoy and treat YOSELF!

xo, Chelsea


Basic Tips + Guidelines:

  • Skip the Whip
  • Sugar Free syrups (knock off cals)
  • Avoid added toppings
  • Avoid Whole Milk and go for an alternative Almond Milk is the lowest in calories
  • Stick to the basics! If you are getting a crazy drink might as well indulge in a candy bar instead
  • When choosing food- go for fruit bars, mixed nuts, fruit or any of their salad selections, SKIP pastries! and if you do HAVE to have a pastry, go for a bagel.
  • Ordering something “skinny” means they switch to sugar free syrup!
  • Always order UNsweetened then add zero calorie sweetener

Okay! So those are tips and guidelines that I follow and now these are a few of my favorite drinks! The “F C P” below stands for amount of Fat, Carbs, and Protein each drink contains.


Zero Calories-

Regular Coffee (hot or iced) and hot Tea are zero cals! Add Stevia or honey to sweeten.


  • Grande Iced Coffee W/ Almond Milk + 1 Splenda- 20 cals, 1C 1F 1P

  • Grande Iced Americano W/ 3 pumps your fave SF syrup- 3C 0F 1P 15 cals

  • Venti Iced Passion Tango Tea Unsweetened- 60 cals, 16C 0F 0P

  • Venti Iced Black Tea (same info as passion tea)

  • IMG_4441
  • Grande Caramel Macchiato NO drizzle, SF syrup +Almond 140 cals 21C 1F

    Model: Karen Dan
  • Grande Lightly Sweet Chai Latte W/ Almond- 140 cals, 26C 3.5F 1P

  • Tall Iced Cafe Mocha, NO whip W/ Almond- 140 cals, 23C 4F 3

  • Grande Skinny Cinnamon Dulce Latte- 120 cals, 19C 0F





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