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Hey guys! I have short little something I wanted to share about and that is my favorite vegan ice cream! Now, I have tried my fair share of dairy free ice creams and lets be real. Just because they say vegan or dairy free does NOT automatically make them healthy!! But- this brand uses good, wholesome ingredients AND has the same, if not better, creamy consistency as regular ice cream! Now you`re dying to know what brand huh? 😉

Okay it`s called Nada Moo, like no cow= no dairy! They are an Austin Texas based company and they use Coconut Milk to make this awesome ice cream. They have AMAZING flavors that are rich and decadent and have won my heart over for the best ice cream.

My favorite flavors (atm- scheduled to change if I try the new flavors soon) are the Java Crunch that is espresso and chocolate, and the Cookies n Cream which is also gluten free!! Check them out at this link Nada Moo Ice Cream and I recommend buying every flavor and just eat a pint a day for good health and a happy soul.

xo, Chelsea

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