Hey! I`m Chelsea, a college student living in Austin, TX, sharing my love for yummy food and my experiences with it. I love trying new things and playing with what makes me feel my absolute best. Here you will find posts about health, experiences with specific foods, recipes, tips and tricks, and much more. I love to share things I find interesting and helpful for I have suffered a crazy whirlwind of problems regarding food and I know people out there have too!

Austin, TX

My Diet: I have Celiac so I follow a gluten free lifestyle, as well as recently adapting to a dairy free lifestyle. I have also decided as of December 2016 to become a pescetarian. That is a form of vegetarian where I will no longer be eating any meat, but still consume eggs and fish! If anyone has any questions regarding my diet always feel free to ask! That being said, while I am not a vegan, you will find a lot of my recipes follow those guidelines! (so anyone can make them!)

Important side note: I am also a dog mom to a teeny tiny chihuahua named Mia and sometimes she tries out the new food with me- sharing is caring yes? She usually loves it, especially anything with peas and cheerios and she is the love of my life!

Princess Mia


She gets tired after a good 1o min play sesh!
This is Baylor Blue!


Last fourth of July

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